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About : The Isle Of Man

The Isle of Man, known in Manx as Ellan Vannin, provides hard geological proof that quality is vastly superior to quantity. This enchanted kingdom, separated from the British mainland 10,000 years ago as melt waters of the last Ice Age raised the sea level, has an area of only 227 square miles. Yet its glorious 100 mile roller coaster coastline encompasses a richly varied and largely unspoiled landscape – a walkers’ paradise. Dark brooding hills are transformed by the summer sun into lush green slopes that run into rolling pastureland. Secret wooden glens cut by tumbling streams open the door to vast moor lands purpled with heather, while endless beaches fringe a sea that a thousand years ago carried Viking raiders ashore. Among the central uplands the islands only true mountain, Snaefell, rises to 2036 feet and can be ascended by foot or electric railway.

The 90 mile costal footpath is called Radd ny Foillan (The Road of the Gull). For the birdwatcher the island offers a rich assortment of species including the Chough, The Hen Harrier and the elusive Cornrake. The Ayres, a stretch of coast in the lowlands of the northwest, has vast empty beaches that stretch for miles. The perfect way to forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The waters around the island are generally crystal clear, with scenes even more impressive than those on the land. Here you will meet our marine residents, including the Atlantic Grey Seal, and see our marine visitors, the Dolphins, Orca and Minke Whales, and the giant Basking Shark. The Manx Wildlife Trust is the principal voluntary body for nature conservation on the Isle of Man with concern for both terrestrial and marine environments. They manage 20 nature reserves, which represent a variety of habitats: hay meadow, woodland, curragh, sand dune, heather moorland, peat bog, marsh and pasture, ponds, rivers and reservoir in both urban and rural locations.

Everywhere there is evidence of Mann's earliest-known human inhabitants, in the shape of cairns, standing stones, burial sites, forts and keeills (early Christian chapels). To date more than 200 crosses carved from local stone have been found, marking the graves of early Manx Celts and later Norse Settlers. Heritage sites on the island are numerous and varied, from Castles to Cottages, you will be able to visit the history of the Manx from the earliest of times to the present century, and round out your Cultural and Heritage experience with our award winning Museums. For a 20th Century cultural experience, tour the locations of over 80 motion pictures filmed here on the island, including ‘Miss Potter’, ‘Stormbreaker’, and the Oscar winning ‘Waking Ned’. The islands natural beauty, varied styles of architecture, and wildlife make for an Artist’s and Photographer’s paradise. You’ll run out of time long before you’ll run out of subjects to motivate you. Our historical fully running variety of trains and trams are sure to please the transportation buff, along with, of course, out famous TT, the greatest motorbike road race in the world.

So come and experience the Isle of Man, you’ll love every minute!

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